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Happy Women’s Day little one. It was amazing seeing everyone on the train this morning decked out in purple celebrating women and all I could think of is that someday you will be one of them. While it will be fun to dress you in purple onesies and feminist bibs I cant wait for the day to see you choose these things on your own, which got me thinking of…


My hopes for you…


  • I hope you take no shit.
  • I hope you are kind.
  • I hope you scrape your knees, just a little, doing something fun.
  • I hope someday the person you like finally asks you out and when you ask them what took them so long, they tell you it’s because they were intimidated by how smart you are.
  • I hope you stay up way too late lip syncing your favorite songs into a hairbrush.
  • I hope you find something to believe in and stand up for it.
  • I hope that you laugh way more than you cry.
  • I hope when that creepy person asks you to “smile” in public, that you give them a bold middle finger.
  • I hope your confidence makes some people uncomfortable.
  • I hope that people call you bossy.
  • I hope that you are surrounded by a group of friends you can be your authentic self with.
  • I hope that you listen to and respect people who are different from you.
  • I hope to god you get your Dad’s taste in music but my dance moves.
  • I hope you call us when you are feeling sad, just because you know you can.
  • I hope you stay out all night dancing until you are dripping sweat.
  • I hope you find something you love and make it your career.
  • I hope you are kind to animals.
  • I hope you get that fierce look in your eyes that your grandmother, great-grandmother and all the women before us have passed on.
  • Most of all, I hope you know how much you are loved.


Get ready little lady, you are from a line of super strong, smart, take no shit, women. We cant wait for you to join us!


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