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Marlowe Jean,

Last year I wrote my hopes for you. In these last 9 months I have completely had my mind blown by the person you are growing up to be and you have exceeded my wildest expectations.

You are fierce and I hope you always remember the fire you have burning inside of you. We spend our afternoons banging on metal bowls with wooden spoons, bopping to the beat and I watch you take your space in the world. Your confidence in all situations is astounding, you are fucking fearless.

You smile at literally anyone who crosses your path and you spread so much joy out into the world every single day. I often get stopped on the street by people who are just in awe of your bright happy face and loud personality. I hope as you grow up you see that the amount of people who love you far exceeds anyone who may have a problem with you.

You bring your Dad and I so much happiness. You have made our family whole and you add so much laughter and light. It’s hard to remember what life was like before you came barreling into it and we are so thankful for that.

As you grow up I hope that you keep your voice, don’t be afraid to use it and use it often. I hope you keep that smile and kindness but also know when its time to kick some ass. And that confidence, giiiiiiiiirl, I will do everything in my power to cultivate that in you until the day I die. You were born for this world, you are strong enough for this world and people wont know what hit them.

I love you with all my heart you strong little lady,





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